Khamis, 23 Mei 2013

About love

As you know, everyone will feel the love. But, the best love is only for someone who we call her as a wife. As someone who is not married, never ever a waste of our love for someone who is not sure she will be ours. Imagine, our first touch as a man over a woman was wasted on someone that is still illegal for us. So, after our marriage later, we are unable to feel the pleasure to hold a wife for the first time in a lifetime, unable to appreciate our first love and first kiss. All of which are a reward when she was called as our wives. This is the beauty in Islam and that is why we must follow all guidelines in the Qur'an which directs that every Muslim must take care of speech and opinion between boy and girl. Even in the Quran are taught the ethics mingling between men and women. :)

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